He’s a funny one, our OSKAR. Always cracking jokes, making sure everyone around the table is having a fabulous time.

gather around OSKAR

He’s a funny one, our Oskar. Always cracking jokes, making sure everyone around the table is having a fabulous time. In fact, he’s happiest when that table is overflowing, pushing his Nepal pictures, breakfast bowl and that Miranda July book he’s been wanting to read off to the far end to make some room for tonight’s company.

Because with Oskar, there’s always company. One day there’s a bunch of friends over from his stint in Valencia, the next he’s cooking beef stew under the scrutinous eye of his grandmother, author of the family recipe. He may not be a father—yet—but Oskar’s definitely got the makes of a family man, treating his girl as well as his friends to the same hospitality he would his wild bunch of cousins.

Sounds traditional? Well, maybe. Oskar likes his coffee the regular old shade of black and buys leather loafers ‘because they last’. Yet he isn’t one to strictly follow the rules. Sure, spoons are for dessert and coffee comes after—usually. But rules are boring and so is classic china on a table that’s full of life. So Oskar doesn’t quite mind whether the amuses he serves come in the same bowls as the home-grown parsnip soup he had for lunch. Life’s too short to worry about etiquette, which is not to say there isn’t any place for refinement on the table. Much to the contrary. Ask any of Oskar’s friends and they’ll tell you how much of a treat it is to be sat at that endless wooden dinner table of his.

Basically, Oskar’s just an honest guy who loves good company, full plates that soon turn empty and that touch of je ne sais quoi that can only be sparked around a meal made with pizzazz. Good times, no fuss and big smiles. That’s Oskar.

Nice to meet you.