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Basically, OSKAR’s just an honest guy who loves good company, full plates that soon turn empty and that touch of je ne sais quoi that can only be sparked around a meal made with pizzazz. Good times, no fuss and big smiles. That’s OSKAR.
Nice to meet you.



Meet LEA, OSKAR’s first cousin, a slender damsel of a tableware set comprising of twelve pieces, from bowls over plates to pitchers. Free of any pretence, this series’ simplicity consists of pure shapes, one after the other cast in moulds in the country that gave birth to fine porcelain and ended up naming it, too: China. The hand-painted Midnight Blue contrasts beautifully with the grey lining on the inside of bowls and jugs alike, while the Sky Blue series is subtly signed with a handful of inked freckles.


In a grand mansion, somewhere in Antwerp, at a long wooden table covered with piles of various cups and plates, we meet YANN, OSKAR’s favourite uncle: a down to earth tableware collection. Always quick with a joke, nevertheless very conscious of his surroundings. Look at his colours: earthly reddish brown, crème de la crème and versatile black. To know YANN’s lovely character, is to know his nine handmade shapes, always fitting in, yet very different.